A small selection of fun short videos I’ve made over the past few eyars

thomson bros

a short journey through the lives of the staff of produce firm Thompson Bros Wellington New Zealand 1943-1950

Noah Landau 1936 – 2011

A journey through the art of English/New Zealand painter Noah Landau




    A mostly 1960s journey through New Zealand’s eminent literary magazine Landfall


Invasion of the Upside Down Cakes

       What happens when a 1940s British book for professional bakers goes feral


Man and Dolphin

A music photo essay I was inspired to make one afternoon after borrowing the fabulous book Man and  Dolphin by Dr John Lilly, published in 1961

Space Flight: The Coming Exploration of the Universe

I created this music photo essay using images from Space Flight: The Coming Exploration of the Universe, printed by The Golden Library of Knowledge (1958) and images taken by the Hubble Telescope with suitable spacey music by Billy May and his Orchestra.

The photographs of Edward Curtis

A taste of the wonderful photographs of traditional North American Indian culture by Edward Curtis taken between around 1900 and 1930


a meditative reflection upon the reincarnation of flower arrangements

When Fantasy and Reality Collide

When trance and twentieth century sculpture collide!

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